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Date and Time:
Tuesday, January 15th, 2018
4:30PM ET (1:30PM PT)

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FollowMeTrades and TimingResearch Presents
Analyze Your Trade Episode #62

  • Submit Your Picks. After registering get instant access to a form where you can submit the symbols you want discussed on the show.
  • Live Analysis. The most-submitted symbols will be discussed then the live audience will be able to submit additional symbols for consideration.
  • Archive & Timeline. After the event is over, you'll receive access to the recording in several formats to review in any way you want, plus a timeline so you can skip to just the parts of the show you're interested in, as well as all the other educational TimingResearch newsletter updates.

Lineup for this Episode:
- Christian Fromhertz of
- Oliver Schmalholz of
- Mike Pisani of & (moderator)

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