Expert Traders Discuss Future Market Moves

LIVE Recording:
Monday, January 10th
1PM ET (10AM PT)

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LIVE Episode Recording: Crowd Forecast News 
A diverse community of over 5,000 active traders is working to crowd-forecast future moves of the S&P500, now you can be a part of this project and watch several top trading educators discuss this week's results!
  • Expert Panel. Listen to the panel of experts below talk about the markets and receive bonus info from them.
  • Real Traders. Discover what real traders are expecting for near-term market movements.
  • Insights. Instant access to the full history of reports and raw data and all the other educational TimingResearch newsletter updates.

Lineup for this episode:

- Leslie Jouflas, CMT of
- Wally Olopade of
- Erik Gebhard of
- The Option Professor of (moderator)

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