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Synergy Traders Multi-Speaker Events

Page Updated: 02/17/2020

Created in association with Anka Metcalf of TradeOutLoud in August 2019, the Synergy Traders events are the 3rd regular trader education series produced on David Kosmider's TimingResearch platform. Each event includes presentations by some of the industry's top traders.

As of February 1st, we have completed 10 events with over 30 experts and more than 7,000 registrations.

Planned events for 2020:

March 2nd-6th: "Women Teach Trading and Investing: Opportunities for Everyone in Today's Markets" -- Our next event will feature 30+ women traders, educators, and other finanancial professions in a week-long event.

April 2nd-3rd: This event will focus on "tech wizards" of the trading industry; software, algorithms, apps, platforms, etc.

May 2nd: More info coming soon; planning completely new and unique event concept.

June 1st-5th: Another week-long event, each day will focus on one of these trading themes: psychology, futures, forex, tech, options.

Guest Benefits:
  • Each guest will be provided with a unique tracking link to promote the show to their audience and each guest who promotes the show will recieve a lead list equal to 3 times the number of opt-ins who register through their tracking link. Starting in June 2019, the lists are closed and the leads are delivered the same day of the event, typically 3-5 hours after recording.
  • Each lead list spreadsheet includes email address, as well as any additional information available for that lead; including name, phone number, type of trading the person is interested in, and whether or not their email is a confirmed double-opt in subscriber is the TimingResearch Infusionsoft account.
  • Exposure to the TimingResearch audience during the show (demographic info available here). Plus the opportunity to provide a "special offer" link that will be included in the archive email to all TimingResearch subscribes and the archive blog post and YouTube page. Each episode typically has 50-150 live viewers and 200-400 archive views/listens within the first 28 days.
  • Since June 2018 each episode is also distributed as an audio-only podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Podbean, and all other major podcast platforms.
Guest Obligations:
  • For lead share: Preferably at least two mailings to your audience promoting the event any time leading up to the show; push notifications, social media posts, blog posts, and website ads are also acceptable.
    (Lead share is technically optional, we do allow some especially exceptional presenters to participate even if they do not want to invite their audience.)
  • We use the Zoom platform for all events, if you're not familar with this platform we can do a test event before the show.
  • Optional: On each episode of both shows, guests are given the chance to share a trade idea of the week with the audience.

Sponsorship Opportunities:
  • If you would like to support one of these events with a contribution of $500 or more, we will put 100% of your money toward generating additional leads and a larger audience, plus the following bonuses.
  • The same 3-for-1 lead share as the presenters on any opt-ins you send from your audience, plus 1 additional lead for every $3 you contribute, up to the full list, e.g. you send 250 opt-ins and $750 and you'll get 1,000 unique leads from the final registration list for the event.
  • Your logo and company info will be featured multiple places throughout the event info pages and resources.
  • Provide us with an 1-2 minute "commercial" video for us to play between presentations during the live event.
  • Provide us with evergreen copy for a dedicated email what we will send to the full TimingResearch list at least twice within a month after the event.

To schedule your appearance or learn more, contact David J. Kosmider.

You can also view the full live show schedule and see what guest spots are currently available to be booked here.

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