Scroll down to find the current schedule for both weekly TimingResearch shows.

Show Descriptions:

Crowd Forecast News (CFN), every Monday at 1PM ET.
This show is connected to the Crowd Forecast News reports which have been published every Sunday since August 2014. On each episode, several expert traders offer their prediction on what the S&P500 will do that week, as well as their thoughts about the markets, and their opinion on a unique trading related topic that changes each week.

Analyze Your Trade (AYT), every Tuesday at 4PM ET.
Created in association with Dean Jenkins of FollowMeTrades in August 2017, each week we take a list of symbols suggested by the audience and go through as many as we can with each guest sharing their charts and talking about whatever they see for that symbol.

Synergy Traders (ST), Saturdays about twice per month at 10AM ET.
Created in association with Anka Metcalf of in August 2019, each event includes several trading educators giving hour-long lectures around a specific topic. These are mostly on Saturdays.


[Full schedule will return soon.]