Analyze Your Trade Episode #77

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Watch the following guests, along with David J. Kosmider, the creator of, discuss the symbol list for this week’s Analyze Your Trade episode.

Lineup for this Episode:
– Andrew Keene of
– E. Matthew “Whiz” Buckley of

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Episode Timeline (links will open on YouTube):
0:00 – Introductions.
3:30 – TSLA
7:30 – AMZN
11:10 – IRBT
12:30 – WYNN
15:40 – BIDU
17:10 – XOM
20:40 – AAPL
22:40 – DIS
25:40 – XLNX
27:00 – PG
29:10 – MOMO
31:40 – CSCO
33:20 – MSFT
35:30 – PANW
37:00 – ACB
39:30 – Trade ideas of the week and general market discussion.
43:40 – Closing statements.

Guest Special Offers:

From Andrew: Free eBook! Learn How to Trade Like A Full Time Trader

From Matt: New! Solo AMZN Service

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