Synergy Traders #49, Day 2: Tech Wizards 2024 Conference

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This event was created by and and these presentations were recorded on Wednesday, February 7th, 2024 as Day 2 of the “Tech Wizards 2024 Conference” (Synergy Traders #49).

Find the podcast version of all these presentations HERE.

Synergy Traders #49: Rules Based Trading Strategies with Jake Bernstein of

Synergy Traders #49: Simple Timing Tools to Find the Trend with Jody Samuels of

Synergy Traders #49: The Psychology of Prop Trading with Norman Hallett of &

Synergy Traders #49: How to Achieve the Holy Grail of Consistency with Michael Guess of

Synergy Traders #49: Unique Probability Power Indicators To Trade and Invest with Confidence with Marc Nicolas of

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Synergy Traders #49: Your Guide To Escape the Pitfalls of Trading By Leveraging Options Premium Selling with A.J. Brown of

Synergy Traders #49: How You Can Automatically Trade Options with Erik Gebhard of

Synergy Traders #49: Hidden Market Reveals… Confessions From A Floor Trader with Andrew Keene of

Synergy Traders #49: The The Day Trader’s Survival Kit with Alaina Nicole of &

[AD] PDF: 12 Game-Changing Ideas from Market Masters
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