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Anka and Rob’s contests – 1 year or $100

Hope you are having a great day back in the markets after the break… I’m writing this because I noticed over the last couple days that 2 of my friends are hosting separate giveaway contests that you’ll want to check out before the end of the year:

Anka Metcalf is giving away 1 year of her Trading Room Membership

Rob Booker is giving away $100 to 5 people for subscribing to his YouTube channel

Do you know of anyone else hosting a giveaway that other traders should know about? Just comment here and let me know.

Crowd Forecast News Episode #164

AD: eBook: 5 Tips for Overcoming Market Volatility

Listen to the following guests, along with David J. Kosmider, the creator of TimingResearch.com, discuss the stocks submitted by people who registered to view this episode.

– Rob Booker of RobBooker.com (first time guest!)
– Hima Reddy of HimaReddy.com (first time guest!)
– Christian Fromhertz of TribecaTradeGroup.com
– Mike Pisani of AlphaShark.com
– Dean Jenkins of FollowMeTrades.com

Timeline (watch on youTube.com):

0:00 – Introductions.
6:00 – Questions #1 and #2, Higher or Lower, and confidence?
14:00 – Question #3, reasons for Higher or Lower?
36:00 – Trade ideas of the week.
1:01:00 – Closing statements.

Download the show audio in MP3 (podcast) format: CrowdForecastNewsEpisode164.mp3

Download the show video in MP4 format: CrowdForecastNewsEpisode164.mp4

You can download this week’s and all past reports here.

Guest Special Offers:

From Rob: FREE Indicator Reveals Trends Ahead of the Crowd

From Hima: Wanna Go For A “Skinny Dip”? Get FREE content Direct from Hima every Wednesday.

From Dean: “Beyond the Noise” FREE Weekly Newsletter

From Christian: Contact Christian, tell him you saw the TimingResearch show and would like a free trial.

From Mike: Follow @OptionsMike on Twitter.

AD: eBook: 5 Tips for Overcoming Market Volatility