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Anka and Rob’s contests – 1 year or $100

Hope you are having a great day back in the markets after the break… I’m writing this because I noticed over the last couple days that 2 of my friends are hosting separate giveaway contests that you’ll want to check out before the end of the year:

Anka Metcalf is giving away 1 year of her Trading Room Membership

Rob Booker is giving away $100 to 5 people for subscribing to his YouTube channel

Do you know of anyone else hosting a giveaway that other traders should know about? Just comment here and let me know.

Crowd Forecast News Episode #164

AD: Revealed: Roadmap To Capturing $87,000 This January.

Listen to the following guests, along with David J. Kosmider, the creator of TimingResearch.com, discuss the stocks submitted by people who registered to view this episode.

– Rob Booker of RobBooker.com (first time guest!)
– Hima Reddy of HimaReddy.com (first time guest!)
– Christian Fromhertz of TribecaTradeGroup.com
– Mike Pisani of AlphaShark.com
– Dean Jenkins of FollowMeTrades.com

Timeline (watch on youTube.com):

0:00 – Introductions.
6:00 – Questions #1 and #2, Higher or Lower, and confidence?
14:00 – Question #3, reasons for Higher or Lower?
36:00 – Trade ideas of the week.
1:01:00 – Closing statements.

Download the show audio in MP3 (podcast) format: CrowdForecastNewsEpisode164.mp3

Download the show video in MP4 format: CrowdForecastNewsEpisode164.mp4

You can download this week’s and all past reports here.

Guest Special Offers:

From Rob: FREE Indicator Reveals Trends Ahead of the Crowd

From Hima: Wanna Go For A “Skinny Dip”? Get FREE content Direct from Hima every Wednesday.

From Dean: “Beyond the Noise” FREE Weekly Newsletter

From Christian: Contact Christian, tell him you saw the TimingResearch show and would like a free trial.

From Mike: Follow @OptionsMike on Twitter.

AD: Revealed: Roadmap To Capturing $87,000 This January.