Week 100 Report – Bullishness and Trading Lessons Question

The new TimingResearch report for the week has been posted, click on the link below to view the full report including the update on sentiment numbers and everyone’s comments on the most important trading-related lessons they’ve learned so far this year.

Brief Analysis: Last week’s sentiment was incorrect as the S&P500 fell 5.69%. This week the sentiment remains bullish with the higher average confidence on the bearish side.

Click here to download TRReport082315.pdf

You can download all past reports here.

The TimingResearch show is back this week! Each week several top trading experts discuss the most recent free report and give their thoughts about current market conditions. Fill out the survey each week, then watch the show to compare your opinions with the experts!

Date and Time:
– Monday, August 24, 2015
– 1PM ET (10AM PT)

– Cameron Yost of DimensionTrader.com
– Neil Batho of TraderReview.net

– Dave Landry of DaveLandry.com

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