Week 70 Report – Bullish Sentiment and Worst Methodologies

The new TimingResearch report for the week has been posted, click on the link below to view the full report including the update on sentiment numbers and everyone’s comments on what  methodologies they have had the least success with in trading.

Brief Analysis: The bullish sentiment of last week was correct as the S&P500 jumped 1.54%. This week’s sentiment numbers stayed almost exactly the same with close to 70% of respondents predicting “Higher” for the coming week. Confidence levels are showing a rare instance of the averages for bulls and bears being almost exactly the same for the week but with a slight edge to the bulls.

Click here to download TRReport0112515.pdf

Download all past reports here.

This week’s show will feature the following guests and host, be sure to register here!
– Glenn Thompson of PacificTradingAcademy.com
– John Nyaradi of WallStreetSectorSelector.com
– Jason Jankovsky of TheLionOnline.net
– Dave Landry of DaveLandry.com

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