Web Show Episode #150

Listen to the following guests, along with David J. Kosmider, the creator of TimingResearch.com, discuss the sentiment indicator updates of TimingResearch Crowd Forecast Newsletter Weekly Report #204.

– Anka Metcalf of TradeOutLoud.com
– Christian Fromhertz of TribecaTradeGroup.com
– Michael Filighera of LogicalSignals.com
– Dave Landry of DaveLandry.comTopGunOptions.com

Timeline for this episode:
0:00 – Introductions.
14:00 – Question #1 and #2 discussion.
32:00 – Question #3 discussion.
50:00 – Question #4 discussion and trade ideas.
1:07:00 – Closing thoughts.

Download the show audio in MP3 (podcast) format: TimingResearchEpisode150.mp3

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You can download this week’s and all past reports here.

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Guest Special Offers:

From Dave: “You’ve Been Lied To” Learn How Markets Really Work

From Anka: Check out her site for more info on her service and class starting next week.

From Christian: Contact him to get 50% off first month of his service or use code “TTG”.

From Michael: Check out his site for more info about his classes.

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