Analyze Your Trade Episode #53

Watch the following guests, along with David J. Kosmider, the creator of, discuss the symbol list for this week’s Analyze Your Trade episode.

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Lineup for this Episode:
– Mike Pisani of & (moderator)
– Jim Kenney of

Michael Filighera of was also going to join us but had technical difficulties, we’ll have him back soon.

Episode Timeline:
0:00 – Introductions.
3:10 – COST
8:40 – SPY
13:50 – PBR
18:40 – EBAY
22:30 – LB
25:40 – PJT
29:20 – LYV
31:40 – CLF
34:30 – Individual trade ideas.
39:40 – AA
41:50 – SYMC
44:30 – VTR
47:40 – PYPL
31:30 – DIS
54:40 – GDX
58:20 – Closing statements.

Guest Special Offers:

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