Crowd Forecast News Episode #217

Listen to the following guests, along with David J. Kosmider, the creator of, discuss the most recent Crowd Forecast News report.

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Lineup for this Episode:
– Norman Hallett of
– Lance Ippolito of

Timeline (click to watch on
0:00 – Introductions.
6:50 – Questions #1-3; Higher or Lower? Confidence? Why?
21:50 – Question #4; Which do you think is best, trading one methodology or system all the time or trading multiple strategies? Why?
31:50 – Trade ideas for the week.
48:30 – Closing statements.

You can download this week’s and all past reports here.

Guest Special Offers:

From Norman: The Disciplined Trader Mastery Program (Free Trial)

From Lance: Follow on Twitter @LanceIppolito

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