Weekend Reading (August 22nd)

Improve your trading skills this weekend by accessing any of the 6 educational eBooks listed below…

But first, a reminder, if you haven’t watched the videos from Thursday’s event, you can also expand your knowledge with the 9 archive videos from Synergy Traders #17: Day Trading Strategies, available here.

Access all of these eBooks now:

Top Down Trading: Trade the Right Stock in the Right Sector
Find the right stock, no matter what the market conditions are. Great traders focus on trend following, not trend commanding.

How To Make Your First $1000 With This Options Strategy
Chief Trading Instructor reveals an unusual method to profit every 21 days. Plus Exclusive Access To The One Trade Challenge presentation.

Catching the Crash – How to Create Great Risk Reward Options Trading Ideas
Insightful eBook loaded with trading ideas, results, and a simple process used by the Top 1%. See the trade that made 2,100% in only 10 days.

5 Secret Trading Strategies To Win Every Day In The Market
Bryan Bottarelli has taken the strategies he learned in the Live Pit of the Chicago Options Exchange and revealed them in this easy to follow training manual.

Elliott Wave Principle
Elliott Wave Principle is one of the most popular market analysis books ever published, “Still the Classic and Essential Text for Elliott Wave Trading”

How Options Are Used To Hedge Upside And Downside Risk
This eBook provides substantial insight into how professional options traders think about risk to profit in all market conditions.

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